About Yta


As far as we are concerned, one-use plastics are not welcome in modern day. This includes the one-use disposable masks. While there is a time and a place for such masks, the everyday consumer like ourselves should be wearing something a little more permanent. 

We have calculated our carbon emissions and have found that, before we even consider the effect of one-use plastics on ocean toxicity, the benefit of reusable masks is huge. If everyone in the UK wore YTA masks instead of disposable, there would be a 1.2 million tonnes of CO2e saving every year. This is same emissions as a car would use driving to and from the sun 15 times. 

We want to provide a sustainable alternative to our new way of life. Our packaging is fully recyclable and our masks can be washed and re-used. Made from durable and breathable material, our two-ply masks provide a block between you and the outside world, drastically decreasing the chances of airborne disease spreading between people.

For more information check out our pledge to sustainability

Responsible Capitalism

We pledge to give at least 30% of profits to charity every year (we aim for a lot more). While profit is necessary for a business to function and grow, we recognise that the recycling of profits is one of the most important things for a thriving company to do. The charity of choice will depend on the year and the most important causes to the team at a given time. We will also donate some of the money to the causes closest to the hearts of our customers. To be eligible to nominate and vote for your most worthy causes, Please buy one of our masks and sign up to our newsletter, we will get in touch when to time comes to vote.

Pleasing to the eye

We choose our designs based on our own fashion tastes. We believe that to look your best is to look tastefully different. Our designs aspire to achieve this. We have added our identity to a very simple design and a rich colour. 

We want to make wearing face coverings a statement. If people see masks that actually look good, and fit with outfits, then they are much more likely to feel comfortable wearing them, which is why our aim is to offer a face covering for every occasion, in the hope that society will begin to understand that wearing a mask is vital for the containment of the disease.